Since its inception at Lakie, the Guitar program has evolved into something spectacular.  Not only does the Guitar program allow students (many of whom have never touched an instrument before) to develop their musical skills, but it also allows them to developed self-confidence in themselves.  Should students choose to take Guitar as an option, they will be exposed to much more than just Guitar as an instrument.  Over and above the guitars, the Guitar classroom also features an electric drum set, keyboard, digital soundboard, guitar amps, and much more.  As students become more musically inclined at Lakie, they can transition into other options such as "Rock and Pop", or "Band Trip".  In these options, students become part of an actual band, where they get to perform the hits from some of their favorite artists, as well as legends from the past.  At the end of each term, Guitar students, along with the band, and choral students, put on a concert which has become known as "Gator Stock".  More over, every two years, Lakie plays host to its infamous "Rock Show".  This show is something that takes musical education and the preforming arts to an unimaginable level.  Should students show interest, there is no reason why their inner rock star can't shine here at Lakie!

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