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The staff of G.S. Lakie Middle School considers itself a partner with you and the community in providing an education to meet the needs of your child for now, as well as in the future. We are committed to your child. Our focus is, and shall always be what is in the best interest of the students we serve.

We appreciate that children learn in different ways and at varying speeds and this is reflected in the planning, preparation, classroom organization, management and differentiation of instruction used by our professional staff. We are sensitive to the total developmental needs of young adolescents. We emphasize the social and physical well being, as well as the intellectual development of our students.

We understand that a child must learn responsibility and therefore we provide various opportunities and experiences that enable our students to develop a sense of individual and community responsibility. We set high, and realistic expectations for our students.

We request your support and anticipate a harmonious relationship as, together, we strive towards the development of healthy, happy, responsible, and intelligent citizens. Our entire staff keeps an open door policy and is most willing to work with you in meeting the needs of your child. Please feel free to drop in or give us a call if we can be of any assistance.

Brad Dersch, Principal

Matthew Brunner, Vice Principal

Aimee Dewacht, Vice Principal


We live by the four pillars of the FISH Philosophy at G.S. Lakie Middle School.  Those four simple, yet effective concepts allow our school to build a fun, safe, and caring learning environment.  Our entire staff embed the FISH Philosophy in all aspects of our school culture.  We encourage families to adopt and use the FISH Philosophy at home, and apply the four pillars within their day-to-day family life.  The four pillars of the FISH Philosophy are:

Be There  |  Choose Your Attitude  |  Make Their Day  |  Play


G.S. Lakie Middle School has developed a responsive middle school that promotes high expectations of success. Our school is committed to the understanding that young adolescents are capable of far more than adults often assume. We at G.S. Lakie feel that attaining positive educational and individual success is dependent on the flexibility and the quality of the programs provided for young adolescents.

We believe that middle level educators make conscious choices to work with young adolescents. They understand the developmental uniqueness of young adolescents and are knowledgeable about the subject matter they teach. We believe that a safe, inviting and caring school promotes a sense of community and encourages learning. As a result of that belief, both students and teachers engage in positive risk-taking, develop strong relationships, and build an exciting school atmosphere.


G.S. Lakie has adopted and embodied the FISH Philosophy since the moment the school first opened its doors.  Since that time, the FISH Philosophy has been a pillar within our school community, and it is not hard to see how strongly it is engrained into the culture of the school.  The FISH Philosophy is simple; it stands on four key traits and encourages its followers to live by them... Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Play, and Make Their Day.  Those four qualities, when put into practice in everyday life, create a fun, considerate, encouraging, and uplifting atmosphere.  The staff at G.S. Lakie are committed to this philosophy and have deemed it a sacred and non-negotiable characteristic of school life.  The FISH Philosophy is drawn upon in all types of different circumstance whether it be within our classroom instruction, extra curricular activities, moral coaching in advisor, or even in conflict resolution.  When accepted and exercised in its truest form, the FISH Philosophy simply molds better people, and that is something we strive for here at G.S. Lakie!

Education Plan

Please feel free to peruse the G.S. Lakie education plan.  This education plan is grounded within the Provincial and Lethbridge School District priorities.  We apply those over arching goals and priorities to our own individual school context.

Click here to view Lakie's annual Assurance Plans.

Facts and Figures

G.S. Lakie Middle School is responsible for administering the Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Exams as mandated by the Alberta Government.  Each year, our grade 6 students write a cumulative multiple choice exam for each of the four core subjects areas (Math, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies).  In addition to that, students also must complete a written exam in both Language Arts and Math.