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George S. (Joe) Lakie

Who Is Our School Named After?

George S. (Joe) Lakie inspired others to live with heart in all areas of life: with family, at work, and in the community. His philosophy that, “service is the rent you pay for living on this earth” helped to inspire the school’s adoption of the “Fish Philosophy,” which has encouraged thousands of students to Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day, and Play, and to take these principles forward as they move through life. Joe was a distinguished educator and administrator during his 40-year career and served on many committees, councils, and boards within our community and beyond. He was a champion for students and was valued for his wisdom, integrity, fairness, and honesty. In addition to teaching, Joe served as Principal of Fleetwood-Bawden Elementary School in Lethbridge. He also served in various capacities with the Alberta Teachers’ Association, including as provincial president of the association from 1955-56. His consistent goal was the improvement of public education for children. All this was in addition to various other service positions Joe held throughout his life both in the community and province. Joe’s legacy can still be felt in our building as we strive to instill the characteristics he lived by in our staff and students at Lakie, as we honor the namesake of our school.