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FISH Philosophy

G.S. Lakie has adopted and embodied the FISH Philosophy since the moment the school first opened its doors.  Since that time, the FISH Philosophy has been a pillar within our school community, and it is not hard to see how strongly it is engrained into the culture of the school.  The FISH Philosophy is simple; it stands on four key traits and encourages its followers to live by them... Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Play, and Make Their Day.  Those four qualities, when put into practice in everyday life, create a fun, considerate, encouraging, and uplifting atmosphere.  The staff at G.S. Lakie are committed to this philosophy and have deemed it a sacred and non-negotiable characteristic of school life.  The FISH Philosophy is drawn upon in all types of different circumstance whether it be within our classroom instruction, extra curricular activities, moral coaching in advisor, or even in conflict resolution.  When accepted and exercised in its truest form, the FISH Philosophy simply molds better people, and that is something we strive for here at G.S. Lakie!