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Lethbridge School District No. 51 contracts bus transportation through the City of Lethbridge.  It is the city transportation department which sets bus routes and pickup times.  Alberta Education states in the School Act that students living beyond 2.4 kilometers are, by the most direct route from their boundary school, funded for transportation.  The District provides busing service to students enrolled in kindergarten to grade 12 who are eligible (live outside the 2.4 km radius) for  transportation.  For eligible grade 1-12 students, the District provides busing to school in the morning and from school after dismissal.  The school will provide students with bus passes which indicate which bus they are designated to ride.  Students are not supposed to be riding on other busses in which they are not designated to ride.  Should your child live at two separate addresses (as is often the case with separated parents), the school will do its best to assign that student to both bus routs.

Please be aware that bus drivers have the ultimate authority over their bus.  It is their responsibility to ensure that the bus is safe for the students, as well as their driving needs.  Bus drivers have the authority to invoke seating plans, special seating restrictions, or even deny rider privileges, if they feel that the safe operation of the bus is being compromised by a student.  The school works closely with the drivers, as well as the city of Lethbridge Transportation department, maintain rider privileges as much as possible.  If you or your child are having an issue regarding their bus, please contact Matt Brunner (Transportation Liaison) at the school first, to see what can be done to resolve the issue. 

Please read through the "Bussing Rules & Regulations" link on the right, as the information within it may answer many of your questions.  Please know that all students will be receiving a tutorial on proper bus etiquette, as well as how to safely evacuate a bus in the event on an emergency.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Matt Brunner at (403) 327-3465