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Lakie firmly believes in providing students with authentic learning opportunities.  As such, Lakie staff have developed several different trips that have become very popular within our school community.  These different trips are meant to provided an enriching learning experience in addition to the learning outcomes they are covering in classes.  Some of these trips are annual events and will run every year, while others might only be offered on a bi-annual basis.  Usually there are a limited number of seats on a trip, so students may have to apply or audition for a seat on a particular trip.  We do our absolute best to ensure that students who demonstrate a strong aptitude, as well as a strong commitment to the subject material pertaining to a certain trip are given the opportunity to travel along.  

Lakie trips have included destinations such as:

Ottawa/Montreal Trip - Grade 7 Social Studies & Canadian History

New York Trip - Urban Hip-Hop & Broadway Dance Performance

Nashville Music Trip - Musical Performance & Music History 

Marine Biology Trip - Grade 8 Science & Fresh and Saltwater Systems