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Lakie tries to offer a little something for everyone with its wide variety of extra curricular opportunities. The clubs and activities available at Lakie allow for students to explore other learning opportunities that are not necessarily available in the regularly offered programing.  Whether it is exploring their inner philanthropist in the “Me to We” club, expanding on their acrobatic skills in the “Tumbling” club, or just socializing in the “Games” club; it is our hope that students capitalize on the opportunity to try new things and make new friends in the process.  The majority of our extra curricular clubs operate over the lunch break or after school, and depending on the nature of the club, might run all year long.  Although the list may vary from year to year, below are some of the clubs and activities that are open to Lakie students:

  • Chess Club... Students learn to play and compete to become the next Lakie grand master.
  • Lakie Positive Spaces… Is a safe place where students support each other and raise awareness about different issues that teens are facing.
  • Games Club… Gives students the opportunity to relax and socialize over their favorite board game.
  • Mindful Mondays… Makes time for students to get organized and learn about different time management and study skills.
  • Curling Club…Students get the opportunity to try their hand at the sport of curling.
  • Robotics & Coding…Students get the opportunity to learn about computer programing and/or build their next battle bot.
  • Carboard Boat Races... The name says it all, but student must use learnign outcomes from grade 8 science to calculate, volume, displacement, and buoyancy.