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G.S. Lakie has a strong athletic component woven into the school culture.  Whether it be one of our athletic programs that focuses on specific sports, participating as one of our Gator athletes on an extra curricular team, or taking part in one of our many sports conditioning options, Lakie offers something for everyone.  Currently, Lakie offers a hockey program where participants are on the ice up to four times per week, depending on their grade level.  Lakie also has a golf program at the grade seven level, where students venture over to the Lethbridge Country Club three times per week.  As an option, students can sign up for a variety of option course like our Sports Conditioning option, where students build on their physical fitness and can customize their conditioning to the sports in which they are involved.  In addition to that, our Sports Enrichment options allow students to try new, less traditional activities, some of which they might not otherwise be exposed to.  

In addition to the athletic programming offered within the timetable at Lakie, we also have our extra curricular athletic teams and clubs.  Lakie plays host to five main sports as part of its membership to the Lethbridge School Athletic Association (LSAA).  The five sports offered as extra curricular activities are Volleyball, Cross Country Running, Basketball, Badminton, and Track & Field.  One point worth noting is Lakie's commitment to the middle school philosophy where no one is excluded from partaking in our extracurricular sport programs... if you want to participate, there will be a spot for you!  Lakie has three different levels in which our Gator Athletes can participate.  Those three levels consist of our "Rep", "Development" and "Club" teams.  When it comes to our Cross Country Running teams, as well as our Track & Field teams, all students are invited to sign up and participate as members of the "G-club" after school practices.  All students will then get a chance to participate in Lakie's own Cross Country and Track & Field meets in the hopes that they then qualify to carry on to City Championships, and then Zone Championships.  As for our Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton Teams, we invite all students to come out at the beginning of the season to our mass tryouts and ID camps.  Students spend approximately one week demonstrating to the coaches where their skill level is at.  At that point, students are then sorted into the Rep, Development, or Club levels.  Again, it is important to note, that all students who take the time to sign up and participate, will be placed, and will continue to get to participate in that sport.  At Lakie, we like to encourage all of our students to try new things and to take advantage of new opportunities, including participation in a new sport, that they might otherwise not have experienced.