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Performing Arts

Lakie has developed a trademark for its extravagant and glamorous fine arts productions.  Each year, the fine arts team at Lakie puts on a dramatic production that not only involves multiple casts, but also has students involved in playing the music, choreographing the dance components, running the lighting & sound, as well as other numerous aspects involved in putting on a high caliber production.  On top of that, Lakie hosts its infamous Rock Shows and Dance Productions on alternating years.  In each of those productions, students get to participate in a spectacle of unimaginable proportions.  It is hard to describe the dedication, passion, and commitment that Lakie staff pour into these productions.  However, Lakie’s staff firmly believe in the learning and confidence building opportunities that these productions create for students.  As with our athletic programs, the fine arts component at Lakie stays true to the middle school philosophy where all students who want to participate, get to participate.  If your child attends Lakie, it will be hard for them to avoid becoming involved in the productions in one way, shape, or form.