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Lakie offers an outstanding Phys Ed program that allows students be active, improve their skills, and have fun all at the same time.  G.S. Lakie strives to offer Daily Physical Activity (DPA) to every student, every day, as mandated by Alberta Education.  To accomplish this goal, our school has two Phys Ed specialists who teach Phys Ed full time, and are well versed in physical education instruction at the middle school level.  The Phys Ed program at Lakie incorporates a lot of traditional sports and activities such as Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Football, Track & Field, etc.  Our school also has an excellent facility, which allow our students to be active all year.  The Lakie gym (a.k.a. The Swamp) features two full sizes basketball courts which can be separated by a divider essentially creating two separate gym spaces.  Within the gym, we also have 10' x 6' video wall, which allows our teachers and coaches to incorporate different video replay technologies into their lessons.  In addition to the gym space, Lakie also features a well equipped fitness center where students can often be found doing circuit training or certain types of sports conditioning.  Because all students are expected to change out for gym, the school has two large changing facilities for both boys and girls.