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CTF Projects

CTF stands for Career & Technology Foundations and is a program that was created to encourage an engaging and holistic learning process that results in the development of a product, performance, or service.  CTF can integrate other program outcomes by identifying cross-curricular connections, as well as literacy and numeracy skills.  The CTF program creates an environment where students have the opportunity to explore interests and passions, while developing skills and competencies which make connections to career possibilities.  While working on their CTF projects, students are encouraged to explore any combination of the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) outlined within the Alberta Program of Studies.  In the end, students who participate in the CTF project work toward a shared goal in response to a challenge.  Finally, the process involves bridging the community and the school to create an authentic learning experience.  

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2017 Grade 8 CTF Design Challenge

Students were challenged to plan, design and build something (parameters were very open) for Lakie's outdoor classroom.  Below you will see photos and final celebration videos made by students through the first term of Lakie's new CTF Innovative Design Course launched in September 2017. We are very proud of all students and how invested they were!

Connect Four Game


Hammock Games Table


Popsicle Stick Bench


Bean Bag Games Table