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Lakie Power Cards

Enjoy some amazing deals with your very own Lakie Power Card. Support our school's unique programs from Fine Arts, Athletics, and Extra-Curricular. We appreciate your support and thank you for enhancing the student experience at G.S. Lakie. 


  • We strongly encourage sales to occur via School Cash Online, but in the event of a cash sale, please send cash to school in an envelope marked "fundraiser" along with the student's name and amount of money. Please also instruct your child to bring it directly to the office in the morning.
  • We are asking each family to do their best to sell three cards this fall. Fundraiser incentives are as follows:
  1. Student draws for each card they sell to participate in weekly, Friday game shows for gift cards
  2. Students selling three or more cards in a draw for 1 of 6 awesome prizes at the completion of the fundraiser (see pictures)
  3. Highest selling grade receives donuts for all
  4. Highest selling class in each grade receives a pizza party
  • Fundraising packages will go home with each student on Thursday, September 2nd and the fundraiser will finish on September 29th
  • Sold cards will be sent home with students Friday of each week. We ask for cards to be delivered to purchasers soon afterward 
  • Please don't have your child go door to door to sell cards! 
  • Our goal is relatively conservative in nature. We ask each family to do their best to sell three cards each. Thank you in advance!

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