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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Athletics Info

Track & Field Club

G.S. Lakie is excited to once again host an after school track club in 2022! Track club will start up Monday, April 4th and is an after-school club. This opportunity is in conjunction with the track & field lessons and opportunities that will be given during each student's PE time. Students will be taught all events in their PE unit and scores will recorded during this time. Supplementary to this, any student wishing to have additional coaching, practice and opportunity to improve scores posted in PE can attend the after-school club. Click here for the full spring track schedule. Furthermore, important track dates are as follows:

Thursday, May 12 - G.S. Lakie Track Meet at UofL Stadium - click here for schedule

Wednesday, May 25 - LSAA Track & Field City Championships at UofL Stadium - click here for schedule

Tuesday, May 31 - SZJHAA Track & Field Zone Championships in Medicine Hat - click here for schedule

Athletics Overview

G.S. Lakie Middle School is a proud member of the Lethbridge Schools Athletic Association (LSAA). We participate in five sports under this umbrella: X-Country, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track & field. Seasons are as follows:

  • Cross Country - qualifications completed in PE class or at a school-wide run at Nicholas Sheran Park. Qualifications mid-September with LSAA City Championships the third week of September. South Zone Championships first week of October
  • Volleyball - ID camps commence the second week of September and the season ends the first week of November.
  • Basketball - ID camps typically commence the second week of November (around Remembrance Day), and the season ends the week before Family Daybreak in February. 
  • Badminton - ID camps commence immediately following Family Daybreak (late February) and typically end prior to the Easter break each year.
  • Track & Field - Practices are run in PE and in an after-school club with qualifications for the LSAA City Championships being completed in PE or at a G.S. Lakie track meet. The LSAA meet is usually hosted in mid to late May. South Zone championships follow that, usually the first week of June. 

We use the terminology "ID camps" at G.S. Lakie because we employ a no-cut policy at all public middle schools in the city. All participants wishing to participate in a sport at Lakie can sign up for the respective sport's ID camp and will be placed in a program that best matches their current skill level. The three levels of play at G.S. Lakie are house league, development, and rep. Rep teams are typically populated by students in grades 7 &8 and compete in the LSAA league. Development teams don't have a league to play in but compete in an exhibition schedule which is about half of that of the rep teams. Development teams are typically populated by students in grades 6 & 7. Participants not placed on a rep or development team will then be invited out to our house league level of play. This is an in-house program that focuses on skill development and modified gameplay. 
Each program has a cost associated with it, but I assure you we run each at a "break-even" cost point. Fees are to be paid on School Cash Online as soon as seasons commence. This is to help pay for equipment, tournament entry fees, team clothing, etc. All coaches are volunteers and without them, we wouldn't be able to facilitate these valuable programs. Please remember this and treat our coaches with the utmost respect and appreciation. For all other athletics-related questions, contact the Athletic Director, Brad Dersch, at the school.



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